Zero-emissions, productivity & innovation: Hyster Europe at TOC 2019

12th July 2019

At TOC Europe from 18-20 June 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Hyster Europe showcased its products and innovative handling solutions for ports and terminals, as well as updating visitors regarding the progress of the zero-emission Container Handler projects underway at the Port of Los Angeles in the US and Port of Valencia in Spain.

At the event, specialists from Hyster Europe spoke about the Stage V compliant Big Truck range, powered by Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines and the spreader support device option for its Empty Container Handlers that make the inspection process of an empty shipping container faster.

Solutions that help terminals handle containers on railroad cars in the second rail position were also shown, including a hinged elevating operator cabin option for the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker which helps operators to have direct visibility of the top corner pockets on the second rail containers, even when there is a high cube container on a railcar in the first rail position.

On Thursday 20th June, during TOC Europe’s annual TECH TOC seminar sessions, Jan-Willem van den Brand and Willem Nieuwland from Hyster Europe also shared the latest information about two Laden Container Handlers and one Hyster® ReachStacker in development.  The zero-emission machines incorporate electricity at high voltage as the main energy source to run fully electric motors.


For more information on Hyster® solutions for Ports and Terminals, visit or speak to your local Hyster® Distribution Partner.

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