15th February 2022

The future of Hyster® zero-emissions container handlers will arrive soon, and we want you to be one of the first to experience it. It’s going to be electric!

Globally, there is a shift towards reducing emissions and improving sustainability. Heavy duty material handling applications are no exception.

After more than 90 years of designing and manufacturing the world’s leading lift trucks, the Hyster Zero-Emissions Container Handler powered by hydrogen fuel cells is proof that the best is yet to come. This breakthrough achievement will be big news for ports and is set to change everything.

Get ready to meet Hyster Zero-Emissions Container Handlers, the first electric container handlers designed to tackle tough tasks with zero emissions – coming soon, and ready to deliver change to the port industry forever.

Watch this video to see a small taste of what is coming soon!

Clean Power that Means Business

Although your current power source may appear to be working fine, is it truly optimal? Is it time to rethink your lift truck power?

Find out more about Hyster Electric Container Handlers.

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