22nd February 2022

The radiators on forklifts operating in the paper industry can easily get clogged up with dust and debris, causing unnecessary downtime. The Hyster® Cool Truck package applies smart design to dependable Hyster trucks to minimise this exact problem.

Reducing clogged forklift radiators

Cleaning engine compartments can be time consuming in dusty paper industry applications and some businesses must do so as often as every 4 hours. That’s one of the reasons the Hyster Cool Truck package has been developed – to save paper handling businesses valuable time.

What is the Hyster Cool Truck?

The Hyster Cool Truck is a special modification which helps minimise dust and debris accumulation inside the engine compartment, based on the dependable and high performing Hyster Fortens™ lift truck series. In one field trial, a Hyster Cool Truck worked for 300 hours without requiring a cleanout. (Though results will vary depending on application and truck configuration.)

There are four key features that make the Hyster Cool Truck package so effective for dusty paper handling operations:

  1. An automatic reversing fan significantly extends radiator cleaning intervals by minimising radiator clogging caused by debris build up, while also helping to prevent overheating even in intense work cycles
  2. Venting on side panels minimises the vacuuming effect of debris on the ground
  3. A tough rubber guard over the drive axle minimises the ingress of paper under floorplates
  4. The solid multi-piece belly pan under the engine compartment reduces the amount of loose debris entering the underside of the truck

Benefits of the Hyster Cool Truck

The result of this smart design means less engine compartment cleaning, less stopping to cool off, and less disruption.

Avoid downtime and associated costs thanks to the automatically reversing fan which reduces radiator clogging and minimise overheating with the smart cooling fan design that may, depending on your application, enable your forklifts to work a full shift non-stop.

The Hyster Cool Truck will also reduce the hours (and disruption) related to engine compartment cleanouts in your paper application as the intelligent design lessens the debris that can enter.

All of these benefits combine to help optimise uptime, maximise productivity, and keep paper handling operations cost efficient.

Ready to reduce downtime?

Hyster is ready to support in Powering YOUR Possibilities in paper handling applications.

Contact your local Hyster dealer to discuss how Hyster Cool Truck may help overcome your specific challenges. Or learn more about Hyster solutions for dusty paper handling operations.


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