6th August 2021

Many Hyster® lift trucks have been supported by Shell oils and lubricants for a number of years to help keep tough equipment running in demanding industry applications. However, a new video featuring Hyster and Shell shows how the strong partners are also working together to support sustainability goals.

Filmed with Heffiq, the Hyster distribution partner in the Netherlands, the video explains why Hyster chose to work with Shell, how the partnership works, and reveals more about the collaborative approach to sustainability.

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Carbon neutral engine oil

As explained in the video, for users in Europe, Hyster big trucks using Mercedes Benz engines are prefilled with carbon neutral engine oil (Rimula R6 LME 5W30) from Shell. Hyster has also started using the Shell carbon neutral engine oil Rimula R6 LME Plus at its factory in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, where diesel, LPG, and battery powered Hyster forklifts are manufactured.

At Hyster, we strongly believe in our philosophy “STRONG PARTNERS.TOUGH TRUCKS.™” which is why we select our partners very carefully. Shell has a pioneering approach towards sustainability which means that they are an excellent partner for us and indeed help us move towards a greener future.  The approach Shell takes towards a more sustainable future is truly inspiring and supports our corporate and environmental objectives.

Hyster and sustainability

As a global manufacturer of industrial products, Hyster recognises the importance of responsible material use and strives to mitigate its waste footprint across all aspects of its value chain.

In addition to reducing its energy footprint within direct operations, Hyster continues to innovate and develop clean energy alternatives as part of its product portfolio. This demonstrates the commitment from Hyster to corporate responsibility, showcasing the innovation of its 2026 Vision Program to minimise environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

Watch the video now to learn more about the partnership between Hyster and Shell and their collective contribution to sustainability in the materials handling industry.

Or, to find out more about how Hyster products and services can support your sustainability goals, visit the Hyster website or talk to your local Hyster distribution partner

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