Why choose Sunlight Group lithium-ion batteries for Hyster® lift trucks?

29th June 2022

Many businesses are opting for Sunlight Group Li.ON FORCE batteries for their Hyster® forklifts and warehouse trucks. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Charge lithium-ion lift truck batteries fast – Lithium-ion batteries are capable of faster charging than traditional lead-acid batteries, enabling opportunity charging during breaks. The Sunlight Li.ON FORCE batteries for Hyster equipment are no exception. They also include a fast charge feature, and a choice of rapid charger options is available.
  2.  Maximise uptime – As no battery exchange is required, lithium-ion forklift batteries can help support higher uptime, especially over multi-shift operations. A single lithium-ion battery can also replace multiple lead-acid batteries, freeing up charging space and simplifying charging.
  3. Cut down on battery maintenanceSunlight Group Li.ON FORCE batteries feature a maintenance-free design. No watering is needed and only an annual check is required. The modular design makes service interventions efficiency and cost effective, and there is remote servicing capability.
  4. Get smart with battery management – Sunlight Group’s GLocal cloud-based telematics also provides real-time monitoring and remote insight into battery data. The Sunlight Group Li.ON FORCE batteries are also fully linked to the Hyster lift truck via the CANbus communication system to optimise battery management.
  5. Clean power for high hygiene standards – With lithium-ion lift truck batteries, there are no gaseous emissions or risk of acid spillage. This makes them very well-suited to operations where cleanliness is a priority. For example, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical production

Order lithium-ion batteries from your local Hyster dealer.

Sunlight Group Li.ON FORCE batteries are available to order now for selected 24V, 48V, and 80V Hyster lift trucks and warehouse equipment. Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner to learn more.

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