Why Choose a Hyster Big Truck for Your Port or Terminal Operations

20th October 2020

In port and terminal operations having trucks that ensure goods can be moved in volume and in time is key. For instance, with the advent of mega vessels carrying in excess of 23000 TEU, an enormous amount of activity results in the terminal. Also, in the current climate, having a productive fleet may help to manage costs across the business.

But what are the key challenges with lift truck operations in ports and terminals, and how can Hyster® high capacity lift trucks help overcome them?

What’s your challenge?

Keeping operational costs down is very important. However, often terminals use fuel consumption as a key metric, when fuel may contribute to only a small percentage of the total cost per load moved. The cost of the operator on the other hand can be a significant contributor to the cost per load moved, so applications should consider selecting lift trucks which deliver the best possible environment for the operator.

Reliability is also essential, as many terminals operate 24/7 and have tight turnaround times to meet. The trucks need to work when they’re needed so that loads are moved to where they need to be. Likewise, lift trucks need to be flexible. As the modern terminal handles a variety of loads, having different trucks for different load types can take up valuable space and prevent cost efficiencies.

The safety of people, goods and infrastructure is also paramount to the success of operations in terminals. When purchasing high capacity forklifts, it is important to understand what the truck offers in terms of visibility, ease of integration of operator assist features, and pedestrian awareness solutions, to match the needs of a particular application.

Choose Hyster® lift trucks for….

1. Operator experience

Hyster recognises the importance of the operator, so the new cab for Hyster® big trucks is designed to deliver the optimal driving experience. With superior climate control, a seat with lateral movement, seat options to deliver the desired level of comfort, and control configuration options to meet a terminal’s demands, Hyster aims for operators to end their shift feeling like they did at the start – fresh and ready to work.

With the new cabin, operators will enjoy a working environment that promotes visibility front, back and sides, giving an optimal view of the load and the surroundings, helping promote a safe operation in any application. The new cab electrical architecture also allows for easy integration of operator assistance features and pedestrian awareness solutions for applications where those features may be of use.

2. A choice of attachments

Hyster manufactures trucks designed to deliver the highest levels of productivity and move more loads per hour. Depending on the application, attachments such as multi-pallet handlers can be supplied to move multiple loads and optimise throughput. Hyster® front end carriage configuration and attachment options can also enable one forklift to carry out multiple tasks. For example, a 25-tonne capacity forklift truck could have forks for general cargo and a slip-on spreader for containers.

For applications, such as inland terminals, which may need to handle many different types of loads, the right choice of attachment is essential for efficiency. Hyster Europe has also developed a solution to lift containers from the ‘short’ end, enabling them to be easily and quickly moved into repair workshops.

A special container rotator attachment fitted to a heavy-duty Hyster® Lift Truck can lift a dry container or reefer into an indoor facility with doors just slightly wider than the front axle of the truck. Inside the workshop the attachment allows the containers to be conveniently placed into a row ready for repair. After repair, the containers can be removed in any order regardless of their position in the row.

When engineers need to repair the roof or the bottom of a container, they normally have to work on top or underneath it. However, this attachment can rotate the container allowing them to work on these areas as if they were the side of the container, which is far more easily accessed. This makes repairs and maintenance easier and more efficient, helping to increase productivity and contributing to overall safety.

3. Zero emissions

Hyster is accepting orders for zero-emission trucks within its 6-18-tonne heavy duty forklift range. With a highly efficient electric drivetrain powered by high-voltage lithium-ion batteries the new Hyster® zero-emission trucks support customers for whom ‘green’ operations are a top priority.

Besides being CO2 emission free, the benefits of Hyster® electric forklifts include excellent acceleration, maximum torque from stand-still, reduced maintenance and decreased noise emissions. Designed for driving with comparable IC truck performance, the switch to a Hyster® electric forklift is also a simpler transition for the lift truck operator.

Compared to traditional internal combustion engine powered drivetrains, for many applications Hyster® electric forklifts can offer a reduced overall Total Cost of Ownership, where the initial investment costs are offset against lower operational cost.

While many applications will clearly benefit from transitioning to electric lift trucks, the traditional IC truck option may have clear benefits for others. Hyster supports customers in determining which power source will match the individual needs of their particular application.

4. Service and maintenance

Hyster manufactures tough trucks that are designed to be very durable. Once the truck is in application, the partnership between Hyster, the local Hyster® Dealer and the terminal is key to ensuring the success of the truck and the terminal’s ability to meet its key performance indicators.

Hyster® Dealers are chosen for their outstanding commitment to their customers, with a variety of service and maintenance packages all supported by Hyster® Aftermarket capabilities.

5. Powerful fleet management

The Hyster Tracker telematics tool can also be helpful for creating the right fleet, by providing detailed truck utilisation insights. Through careful analysis of a truck’s operational data, Hyster® Dealers are also able to consult with terminals on creating the optimal fleet.

Contact your local Hyster® distribution partner now to discuss the best Hyster® solutions for you challenges.

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