17th December 2021

Hyster® lift trucks can be used with attachments in many more places across your automotive industry application than you might realise. Here are a few examples.

In automotive production area

  • Fork clamps can be a great option when using Hyster forklifts to transport skeleton containers, racks, and stillages with pockets that require clamping or to transport non palletised goods. Rotating fork clamps can also be used to handle bulk freight containers
  • Lift table attachments can help to stage material at work stations
  • Fork positioners support handling of pre-material on pallets, as well as to transport semi-finished products in the plant

On the automotive assembly line

  • Just as in the production area, fork positioners are used with Hyster lift trucks to help move palletised goods. However, once in the assembly area there are more solutions. For instance, special units with sensors that can be applied to AGVs.
  • Wide opening fork positioners can be applied to Hyster Reach Trucks for use in narrow aisles, moving product from the assembly line.  For wider stillages, they can also be effectively used on counterbalance lift trucks
  • Tyre clamps prove helpful transporting tyres with Hyster lift trucks to be applied at the end of the assembly line

In the automotive warehouse or logistics operation

  • Wide opening fork positioners can be applied on Hyster Reach Trucks for use in the warehouse. Other fork positioners, often with reach forks, can be helpful for loading and unloading trailers.
  • Multi-pallet handlers can also be used with Hyster forklifts for loading and unloading trailers with greater efficiency, with options that deliver good visibility on loading ramps
  • Tyre clamps can unload tyres from lorries on delivery

Hyster solutions for materials handling in the automotive industry

There is a wide range of different trucks and solutions to support the automotive industry with efficient materials handling.

Take a look at our automotive industry hub now or speak to your local Hyster dealer.

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