Ways for Hyster forklift drivers to hold on to drinks, scanners & phones securely

19th March 2018

As the backbone to materials handling operations, forklift operators should feel supported in their day-to-day duties. To assist forklift truck drivers, Hyster Europe has a range of mounting solutions, which can help to enhance efficiency in daily operations.

To secure tablets, smart phones, scanners, cans, cups, and other items, on any forklift truck, there is a range of robust and versatile mounting solutions that can be used.

Technology plays a big part in many materials handling operations, so it is important for drivers to have quick, easy and secure access to hardware such as tablets, scanners, and mobile phones.  These high-quality mounting solutions are an ideal way to protect devices and ensure perfect viewing angles.

These are tough solutions that are designed to withstand more than 50 G’s of shock, perfect for a tough materials handling operation with multiple drivers. The mounting systems will hold devices stable, even when operating in the harshest environments and the patented rubber ball and socket design helps to protect items from damage caused by vibration.

Hyster® customers can easily select a mounting solution to suit their specific operating conditions, with various mounting bases, socket arms and tablet or scanner holders available to choose from.

These solutions can also be used to secure cup holders or clipboards, further improving driver conditions during long shifts.

RAM® Mounts are available as a Hyster® Aftermarket solution and are supported globally by local Hyster® distribution partners.

To find out more about forklift mounting solutions to enhance driver and operation efficiency visit www.hyster.eu or speak to your Hyster® dealer.

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