Watch Hyster® Platform Pallet Trucks in Action Now!

15th June 2021

Whether you use them for cross docking, loading and unloading trailers, or order picking in the warehouse, the latest series of Hyster® Platform Pallet Trucks are designed to maximise productivity in intense industry applications.

Watch these four videos showcasing some of the options from the Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Truck series and see how this tough equipment can help you to enhance efficiency and support operator productivity.

1. Hyster P2.0-3.0S with Rear Protection

Watch this video to see the Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Truck with rear protection in action. Contributing to productivity, the new rear protection design offers support and comfort to the operator.

See how the truck’s exceptional manoeuvrability, and quick and easy battery charging help to keep the operation moving, putting greater productivity in easy reach.

2. Hyster P2.0-3.0S with Side Arms

Need a big performer for a small space? This video, focusing on the Hyster P2.0-3.0S with side arms option, demonstrates further benefits applications with small aisle confines in the warehouse.

Watch as the operator switches to pedestrian mode for operation in narrow spaces and engages the foldable platform with an operator presence sensor, for ride-on operation and optimal flexibility.

See how a pallet is quickly and easily located in a dark trailer thanks to the powerful optional light, that illuminates the load area, while a high load backrest offers reassurance when transporting the load.

3. Hyster P2.0-3.0S with Side Protection

Watch the Hyster P2.0-3.0S Pallet Truck with side protection in action and see how exceptional manoeuvrability and increased maximum drive speed help to maintain productivity levels. Operator support and comfort are also optimised with the convenient side handles on this model which offers great all-round performance.

4. Learn more about the Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Truck range

Which Hyster Platform Pallet Truck option is right for your operation? Watch this video and compare the highlights of three different platform pallet truck models.

The series also offers a choice of P2.0S, P2.5S, and P3.0S models for lifts up to three tonnes, depending on which best suits your specific application.

Find out more

Explore the range by visiting the Hyster website or contact your local Hyster® distribution partner to discuss your application’s needs.

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