Used Hyster® Forklifts to Optimise Your Fleet

26th May 2021

The right choice of lift truck will always depend on the specific application. That’s why sometimes a used or fully refurbished Hyster® lift truck supplied by an official Hyster® dealer can be an ideal solution. So, would a used Hyster® forklift be right for you?

Here are three questions to help you decide.

1. What’s your budget?

With any lift truck, new or used, it is important to consider the Total Cost of Ownership over the lifetime of the equipment, not just the initial purchase price. However, for many businesses, a big plus of a used Hyster® forklift is the upfront cost.

It may be that a suitable quality used forklift truck meets your needs, and your budget. There is a wide range of Hyster® equipment, from warehouse trucks to ReachStackers, at to meet various budgets and requirements, with rental as well as purchase options.

To help keep your fleet running and maximise your investment, authorised Hyster® dealers also offer warranties for Hyster® used lift trucks and comprehensive spare parts are available to purchase. We recommend that servicing is also carried out by a Hyster® dealer, who will utilise genuine Hyster Parts.

2. What will you use it for?

Not every application requires a new machine. For example, if a truck is used only occasionally, or just for a few hours a day, a used or refurbished Hyster® lift truck, may be the ideal solution. Hyster® trucks are built for demanding applications, so if a lift truck is not used to its full potential, you may find you are paying for greater capability than is necessary with a new machine.

Likewise, a used truck can be ideal to keep as a reserve machine for use while trucks are undergoing routine repair or maintenance, for example.

Remember – used Hyster® trucks can also be retrofitted with additional attachments, driver assistance systems, additional lighting and warning lights, and more. So, even when you have specific requirements, a Hyster® used forklift could still be an ideal option.

3. When do you need it?

Sometimes, peaks in demands or changing circumstances mean that you need a forklift fast. Short term lift truck rental may be a suitable option in some cases, but in others, a Hyster® used forklift meets the need.

Hundreds of used trucks are readily available now at With no long lead times, your fleet can optimise and adapt fast with used equipment.

Our website brings together all available units from our official dealer network in one location. The majority of these trucks are ex-rental and have been owned and maintained from new by the dealer selling them. This provides reassurance that the trucks have been serviced and maintained by the dealer and that there is no compromise on quality when buying used equipment.

Find the right lift truck for you NOW!

Visit to select from the wide range of high-quality used and refurbished Hyster® lift trucks, big trucks and warehouse equipment.

Or contact your local Hyster® dealer for further support and to discuss your options.

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