Used and Refurbished Hyster® lift trucks keep operations running

21st September 2022

With deliveries delayed for some new forklifts, interest in used equipment continues to grow. As a result, advertisements across the Hyster® used equipment platforms have now been accessed more than 1-million times to date, including on the website.

Across the global forklift market, there are many instances where the delivery times for new materials handling equipment have been delayed. The peak of the Covid-19 pandemic presented both delays to manufacturing and shipping, and some vital components required to build lift trucks remain scarce.

Demand is high, while trucks are in short supply. This poses a further challenge – prices for new equipment are increasing with a number of manufacturers.

What is one solution to the forklift shortage?

While awaiting new equipment, some businesses are opting to extend their equipment leases to bridge the gap. However, many are looking to used and refurbished Hyster lift trucks as a solution to boost their fleets. Others are finding that used or refurbished equipment may also provide an option that better suits budgets in the face of rising business costs.

For those that need used equipment with no compromise on quality, the Hyster Used website makes it simple for businesses to find what they need. The site is a one-stop-shop for used Hyster lift trucks, warehouse equipment, and container handlers.

Equipment is listed on the site only by official Hyster distribution partners, which offer used and refurbished trucks with purchase and rental options. To help manage budgets, financing is available through the Hyster dealer or through Hyster Financial Services.

Those businesses waiting for new equipment to arrive will also be glad to know that all equipment advertised at is available immediately.

Dependable used Hyster forklifts

Selecting a forklift from Hyster Used provides reassurance that the trucks have been serviced and maintained by the dealer itself before they are refurbished for a ‘second life’. Many of the forklifts advertised on have been refurbished through the official Hyster Approved Used Programme. This delivers quality refurbished forklifts offering affordability, reliability, high performance, and longevity.

Hyster trucks are built to be highly reliable and long lasting when matched with the right operating environment. So, businesses may find that robust used Hyster equipment performs better than some of the new, lower priced trucks available on the market.

Authorised Hyster® dealers can also provide warranties, genuine Hyster parts, and service, to keep operations moving and keep used equipment running for longer.

Buy or rent used forklifts now

Just as with new equipment, Hyster distributors can also provide comprehensive advice to help businesses select the right trucks for the needs of their particular application.

Simply browse the equipment available now at Hyster Used and send your local dealer an enquiry to discuss your needs for used Hyster equipment or a mixed fleet (of new and used trucks).

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