Upgraded Hyster® pedestrian pallet truck series lifts up to 2.2 tonnes

30th August 2022

Hyster has relaunched its P1.6–2.2 pedestrian pallet truck series. The new series is perfectly positioned for Powering Your Possibilities in warehouse operations, logistics centres and manufacturing sites.

It includes the models:

  • P1.6–1.6 tonne capacity
  • P1.8–1.8 tonne capacity
  • P2.0–2.0 tonne capacity
  • P2.2–2.2 tonne capacity

This super tough low level pallet truck is designed for ease of operation and manoeuvrability in tight spaces, helping to boost throughout. Mechanical steering and adjustable performance settings help improve operator experience, while reducing the cost per pallet every shift.

The updated Hyster® pallet truck series is built with an updated traction controller, but includes the same key features as the previous models, such as a 1,25kW AC traction motor, 24V / 150-375Ah battery, 1,2kW DC hoist motor, and maximum travel speed of 6km/h.

Customisable Hyster pallet truck

The Hyster P1.6-2.2 pallet trucks are available with all the customisation options available previously, such as different batteries, chargers, fork types, and driver assistance features, like lift cut out sensors, and audible alarms.

Intelligent Lift™ is also available as an option which enables the operator to start transporting the pallet before the unit is at full lift. It allows the Hyster pallet truck to automatically lift the pallet to maximum fork height without having to continually hold the lift button. As a result of this, Intelligent Lift may reduce cycle times by up to 17%.

Additional options from the Hyster Special Engineering Department are also still available, including noise reduction, corrosion protection, and additional high load backrest options.

Boost throughout now

Speak to your local Hyster dealer now to learn more about how the new Hyster P1.6-2.2 Pallet Truck series can help you to boost throughput and operator productivity.

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