Unique CakeBoxx two-piece shipping container at the Hyster Rhine Tour

2nd October 2018

At the Hyster® Rhine Tour, a Hyster® ReachStacker and Hyster® Empty Container Handler were seen handling containers with the logo of “CakeBoxx Technologies” on them. This revealed that these were not standard containers!

CakeBoxx containers are unique shipping containers with an innovative two-piece design. By unlocking 4 simple twistlocks, the ‘lid’ of the container can be lifted, revealing a flat ‘deck’ where cargo is easily loaded. The process is then reversed to secure and transport a CakeBoxx. This simple process is ideal for moving cargo which is difficult to get into a standard container, or is prone to damage.

CakeBoxx staff were available to discuss their innovative solution with visitors in the Supplier area at the Hyster® Rhine Tour.

To learn more visit http://cakeboxx-technologies.com/

Or for more information visit www.hyster.eu or talk to your local Hyster® distribution partner.




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