Understanding chemical supply chain handling: Part 4 – Waste Management

11th September 2019

Another important step in the supply chain is chemical waste storage at the end of the manufacturing process. Hyster® trucks are widely used by sites managing chemical waste.

Handling chemical waste

Chemical waste can include contaminated water, batteries, aerosols, glue, paint, acid and liquid chemicals, and is generally collected by specialist companies which treat and recycle the waste into new raw materials. Many of these operations depend on tough Hyster® lift trucks that can endure the difficult, dirty conditions often found on a chemical waste management site.

Zone 2 Hyster® lift trucks

Chemical waste is usually found outdoors in sealed drums in what is commonly a Zone 2 area. Typically, these drums are handled by explosion protected forklifts, though some operations may look to use pallet trucks to transport smaller loads. 

Explosion protected pallet trucks

Some operations do not realise that even hand pallet trucks can still generate enough friction to be a source of ignition. However, by working with expert suppliers, Hyster® pallet trucks can be modified to comply with the relevant European explosion protection standards.

Fully compliant solutions

It can only take one spark or hot surface to cause an ignition in a potentially explosive atmosphere. For more information on efficient materials handling equipment in chemical applications which complies with local legislation, speak to your local Hyster® dealer or visit www.hyster.eu.

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