Trelleborg pit stop line tyres at the Hyster HUB

11th November 2016

At the recent Hyster HUB event in Germany, Trelleborg demonstrated a wide range of industrial tyres and wheels for materials handling equipment, including the innovative Pit Stop Line tyre range.

Industrial solid tyres are often replaced too soon. However, as the Pit Stop Line tyres on an IC forklift truck wear down, a highly visible orange band appears on the tyre surface indicating that replacement tyres should be ordered – when the Pit Stop Line appears on the tyre, it has around 100 hours of life remaining. This helps ensure that users get maximum value out of the tyres by never replacing them too early, which can lead to a 20% saving on tyre spend (over a 5-year lease period).

Most Hyster IC trucks are factory fitted with the Pit Stop Line tyres from Trelleborg to enable better tyre planning. This reduces spend, increases uptime and helps maintain a low cost of ownership on Hyster® forklift trucks.


At the event, Trelleborg representatives spoke to Hyster forklift dealers and customers from across the EMEA region about the simple to use I-Rent tyre rental calculator.

This simple to use online tool analyses a variety of application factors to predict how many tyres a customer will need for their trucks over their lease period allowing dealers to accurately include all tyres in lease contracts. This allows customers to have full transparency over the complete cost of ownership and dealers to offer accurate, all-inclusive and easy to understand leases.

Trelleborg supports global industry with a local presence in 40 countries across the world and strong relationships with the worldwide network of Hyster® dealers.

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