Tracking mixed lift truck fleets

29th May 2017

Whether your application tackles its challenges with electric, LPG or diesel powered lift trucks, or a mix of all three, the Hyster® Tracker telematics system can help to effectively manage your operation.

Hyster® Tracker is an accurate fleet management system, providing a balance of information and simplicity to help materials handling operations by highlighting opportunities for reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency.

To help reduce fuel costs for your diesel or fuel cell trucks, for example, Hyster® Tracker can help monitor fuel usage and highlight where consumption could be reduced. The idle shutdown function can also be set to power off a truck after a pre-determined amount of time if the equipment is tracked as idle or unattended, helping to reduce costs.

Perhaps you need to minimise downtime caused by servicing and maintenance of your electric trucks? Hyster® Tracker can help to manage service intervals and monitor equipment usage. A customised preventive maintenance program can then be developed for all kinds of truck, based on actual hours in service, while both upcoming maintenance activities and service history can be viewed and managed.

Hyster® Tracker is easy to use, and data can be viewed by truck, fleet or location, all accessed via a secure web portal. Hyster® Tracker is not only the ideal solution for fleets with a variety of different lift truck power sources, the system can be used effectively with fleets containing a mix of truck brands. The telematics system also allows you to optimise use of your whole handling equipment fleet, from warehouse and pallet trucks to container handling equipment, ensuring that all types of application can enhance productivity and control costs using accurate business intelligence.

See how Babcock International monitored their mixed fleet.

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