Tough zinc coated pallet truck withstands corrosion

10th February 2017

The Hyster solutions team has adapted the P1.6-2.2 powered pallet truck to meet the needs of applications that require a high resistance to corrosion.

Using even the toughest pallet truck in arduous, outdoor working conditions can present challenges. For example, the salty, wet environment of a port application could cause premature corrosion on certain parts of the truck.

To maximize uptime and extend the life of the product, the Hyster solutions team has created a hot zinc coated version of the Hyster® P1.6-2.2 powered pallet truck. The frame, tie rods, lever, tiller knob and battery cover are all hot zinc coated to offer greater resistance to corrosion. All bearings are also sealed for optimum protection.


As well as providing a durable solution for ports and other tough conditions, the powered pallet truck with hot zinc coated frame is also ideal for applications with high standards of cleanliness. This truck is an ideal choice for operations within the food or pharmaceutical industries, for example, where no paint chipping on the truck would be acceptable.

What’s your challenge?

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