14th February 2022

The right attachments coupled with tough Hyster® forklifts can support demanding construction materials handling operations, such as those handling cement, bricks, blocks, concrete pipes, precast concrete products, and more.

Often stocked in outdoor areas, bulky, heavy material with various shapes and irregular surfaces must be regularly transported by forklift trucks in construction materials applications.

To handle a wide range of goods with ease and to help minimise product damage, robust Hyster lift trucks can be used with a wide range of robust attachments which are designed to withstand tough environments such as working in the yard.

Heavy-duty forklift truck attachments.

Depending on the specific application, construction materials retail, handling and storage applications may benefit from fork positioners, fork clamps, block clamps, concrete pipe clamps, and lifting tables. Businesses should consider an attachment that is designed to minimise weight and with the centre of gravity in mind, and which helps optimise stability during transport with high residual Hyster lift truck capacity.

Brick and Block clamps

Some applications use a Brick and Block Clamp with self-compensating pads with Hyster counterbalance lift trucks to handle concrete blocks, without the use of a pallet.

Designed to compensate the load irregularities typical of the bricks, Hyster can provide a clamp with special execution arms fitted with self-aligning hard rubber blocks. These are floating on a chamber filled with glycerine. While clamping, the chamber adheres against the rubber blocks, which adapt to the load irregularities. Available also with oscillating arms.

Concrete pipe handlers for Hyster forklifts

Concrete pipes are manufactured in a great variety of diameters, widths, and weights. A range of strong and accurate forklift clamps can be fitted to Hyster equipment to lift, carry and rotate pipes effectively.

Heavy-duty multiple pallet handler

Multi pallet handlers may be useful for applications looking to transport concrete bars, heavy shingles on pallets, roof tiles, or any palletised goods with a Hyster lift truck. Helping to optimise visibility, handling operations are productive, contributing to the overall low operating cost of the attachment.

What’s more, choosing attachments with maintenance intervals that align with those of Hyster lift trucks may help minimise downtime.

Fork positioner attachments

Heavy-duty fork positioners are often chosen by operations within the concrete industry for work in all-weather outside operations, with heavy dirt and dust contamination. With separate side shift, equal fork travel, and long-term endurance, this specialist attachment works well with Hyster forklifts to deliver excellent performance in tough environmental conditions.

Other attachments for forklifts in construction

There is a wide range of other attachments fit for heavy-duty handling in construction, such as fabric roll boom attachments and wooden boards clamps.

Speak to our Hyster Construction Industry specialists for advice or contact your local Hyster dealer for more information.

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