15th June 2018

At TOC Europe from 12-14 June 2018, Hyster Europe showcased new products and innovative handling solutions for inland terminals and port applications and addressed topics such as zero emissions operations and double reefer handling.

At stand B22 at Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands, delegates had the opportunity to speak to experts from Hyster Europe about products and solutions for their industry and application needs.


Hyster® Solutions on Show

At the TOC Europe show, visitors saw the Hyster® H11XM-ECD8 Empty Container Handler – a key product for inland terminal operations. It has been designed for double handling capabilities for empty containers, even 40ft reefers carrying the refrigeration units on the same side causing an offset load.

To support the launch of the new, updated mast design for all Hyster® 8-16-tonne trucks which optimises visibility through the mast and carriage, a Hyster® H12XM-6 was also on display.


Operations looking for new, flexible options for driver training, also had the chance to try a virtual reality simulator at the Hyster Europe stand. For an immersive 3D experience, the simulator accurately re-creates the sensation of using a 3-tonne counterbalance lift truck in tough operating conditions.

TECH TOC Presentation

During TOC Europe’s annual TECH TOC seminar sessions, Jan-Willem van den Brand and Willem Nieuwland from Hyster Europe shared the latest information regarding the Hyster® Laden Container Handler powered by an electric motor.



In the seminar, Hyster Europe provided new information about its patented energy recovery systems which are expected to increase the efficiency of the truck.  The presentation also explored the future challenges and possibilities around charging infrastructure for electric handling equipment within inland terminals and ports.

Hyster® Rhine Tour Launch

TOC Europe marked the start of the #HysterRhineTour, which takes place throughout June and July. A selection of Hyster® equipment will be transported on a barge to different events along the River Rhine, from the Netherlands to Switzerland. At selected terminals, demonstrations will take place to show the capabilities of Hyster® trucks in addressing the specific challenges of inland terminals.



To learn more about Hyster® Inland Terminal solutions contact a local Hyster® distribution partner or visit




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