11th August 2021

What is one of the key challenges when stacking empty containers up to 9-high in a port or terminal operation? Maintaining visibility at height. A new automatic tip-up cab solution for Hyster® empty container handlers may help.

See it in action!

EMBED VIDEO: https://youtu.be/n4v3XrQp2RM

Looking up at a stack of containers multiple times during a long shift may cause the operator discomfort. The specially engineered cab option from Hyster automatically tilts back as the load is lifted, helping to maintain visibility for operators, without compromising on comfort

As shown in the new video from Hyster, the cab’s tilting motion occurs automatically. The operator has no additional task to perform while operating the truck, and can keep focused on the job in hand.

Empty Container Handlers with Visibility and Comfort

Hyster Empty Container Handlers are designed with good visibility and comfort as standard. However, where the application demands it, the tip-up cabin provides a comfortable working environment for the Hyster Empty Container Handler operator, while optimising visibility. The solution is compatible with most available Hyster cab options.

As driver comfort and ergonomics can also have a direct impact on productivity, the automatic cab tilt feature helps contribute to operational efficiency.

Watch the new video of the tip-up cab in action to see how this specialist solution may support port and terminal operations.

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner or contact a ports and terminals specialist to discuss your application-specific Hyster Big Truck needs.

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