Three ways to reduce your Hyster forklift tyre costs

1st November 2017

Trelleborg Wheel Systems has developed an innovation for premium range tyres that lets operators and fleet managers know with 100% accuracy when their tyres need replacing. Available from Hyster,  this innovation is called ‘Pit Stop Line’.

Here are just three of the ways that Pit Stop Line tyres, can help companies to effectively manage their forklift tyres and maintenance, and reduce overall costs for the operation.

Maximise tyre life

According to sample analysis of 40,000 tyres* returned to disposal centres in 2013, industrial solid tyres for forklift trucks are typically replaced too early, often with 25% of their life still remaining.

The Pit Stop Line tyre features a highly visible orange band, which appears on the surface of the tyre as it wears down, indicating 100 hours of life remaining. This helps operations managers to keep track of exactly how much life remains in the tyres, without replacing them too early. Based on two tyres per year, this can lead to a 20% saving on tyre spend over a five-year lease period.

The Pit Stop Line tyre’s design has a large footprint, resulting in even tyre wear, which also helps to maximise tyre life.


Minimise downtime for tyre maintenance

The Pit Stop Line tyre’s 100-hour warning is an indication that it is time to order replacement tyres and schedule the service fitting. This makes maintenance predictable, minimising downtime and reducing disruption to the operation. It also helps to avoid overuse of the tyres. Running tyres down to a point that the truck cannot be used can mean that operations must slow down or stop while they are waiting for the new tyres to be delivered.

With Pit Stop Line tyres on your Hyster® lift truck, it is also easier to factor the cost of tyres into ongoing maintenance costs or rental costs.

Reduce energy consumption with the right tyres

Hyster works closely with the manufacturer of Pit Stop Line tyres, Trelleborg Wheel Systems, to help end users meet their energy efficiency requirements. The tyres have been designed with reduced energy consumption in mind, helping to not only improve a company’s carbon footprint, but also save money on fuel costs, with less fuel used during operation.

To find out more about Pit Stop Line tyres, or other ways that Hyster can help applications achieve a low cost of operation, speak to your Hyster® dealer or visit

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