19th April 2022

Space is at a premium for many warehouse operations. 3PLS must frequently reorganise the space to accommodate more products and cater to short-term peaks. Meanwhile, many specialist warehouses are looking at ways to maximise space with narrower aisles.

As aisle space becomes more scarce, this influences warehouse equipment requirements.  Hyster has a range of warehouse trucks designed to deliver high performance in warehouses with narrower aisle dimensions. Here are just a few of them.

Hyster compact Reach Truck with tilting mast

Tough, intelligent, dependable, and efficient, the Hyster R1.0-1.4E Reach Truck is built to work in narrow aisles and lift up to 1.4 tonnes.

For small warehouses challenged with storing and handling stock within tight confines, this narrow aisle Reach Truck is designed to provide greater manoeuvrability. It has a tilting mast with integral side shift and a compact chassis, which provide greater manoeuvrability in environments where space is at a premium. As the mast can be tilted back, this saves all-important centimetres enabling the truck to handle stock in high racking, even in narrow aisles.

Learn more about compact Hyster Reach Trucks.

Hyster VNA – Very Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks

Hyster Very Narrow Aisle trucks (VNA) meet the needs of high-density storage operations where reach is king, and space is at a premium.

Warehouses and logistics centres will benefit from an operator-friendly design with strength and stability at high levels. The Hyster C1.0-1.5 VNA truck’s unique QUAD-form mast is rock solid at heights of up to 17 metres with horizontal and vertical movements that combine to offer one of the fastest VNA transits in the industry.

The slim turret head provides maximum flexibility and allows the Hyster VNA truck to work in very narrow aisles. An integral pantograph on the turret head and excellent fork tip visibility improve handling and controllability for the operator.

Discover the benefits of a Hyster VNA.

Hyster S1.5UT S Platform Stacker

With a compact footprint and small turning radius, the Hyster S1.5UT S Platform Stacker is ideal for order picking and easy to manoeuvre even in warehouses where aisle space is tight.  These Hyster Platform Stackers are also well suited to other light-duty warehouse operations, from back of store warehouses to last-mile logistics operations.

The Hyster S1.5UT S Platform Stackers also excel at placing goods into low to mid-high level racking, transferring pallets over long or short distances, and operating on ramps, giving businesses a reliable, straight-forward, and affordable solution that is simple to maintain with a low cost of operation.

Find out more about this Hyster Platform Stacker option.

Powering YOUR Possibilities in the warehouse

Whatever your challenges, dependable Hyster warehouse equipment can support efficiency in your logistics or warehouse operation.

Contact your local Hyster dealer to talk about your needs or learn more about Hyster solutions for logistics and warehousing.

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