Think a Lithium-ion Forklift Isn’t Right for Your 9 Tonnes? Think Again

27th April 2021

You might think you know about lithium-ion lift trucks, and all the reasons you believe they aren’t the ideal solution for handling heavy 7-9 tonne loads in your particular application. It’s time to think again. The latest Hyster® lithium-ion forklifts are different, and here’s why.

When matched with the right application and operating intensity, a Hyster® lift truck with a lithium-ion battery could help operations to boost efficiency, optimise uptime, and provide great value.

“But it couldn’t work in my tough industry….could it?”

Achieving 100% charge in just 80 minutes, the Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL forklifts have high voltage lithium-ion batteries and the endurance to support multi-shift operations in demanding industrial settings. Tough applications now have a credible alternative to an IC truck for the first time.

Here are four examples of how the tough Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL with 7-9 tonnes of lift capacity can support different demanding applications across industry.

Efficient for timber

In applications handling timber and manufacturing wood products such as OSB and particulate board, there is an increasing desire to consolidate fleets. An 8-tonne capacity truck often provides an ideal solution for the tough working environment, the range of different products handled, and the need for efficiency.

The Hyster® J7.0 -9.0XNL series is an ideal option. Thanks to quick, opportunity battery charging, the same lift truck can be used across a whole shift. In certain applications, one minute of charging may deliver four minutes of drivetime. Trucks are well suited for loading finished goods into curtain sided trailers, for example, resulting in more lorries loaded with fewer trucks. Large awkward loads are easily managed with these lithium-ion Hyster® trucks, supported by a highly stable mast and lift system that delivers all the power you need precisely and efficiently.

Where applications require indoor operation the Hyster® lithium-ion forklift delivers excellent manoeuvrability, even in narrow aisle widths, with zero emissions.

For operations with on-site facilities to turn their waste wood product into an energy source, this truck will offer particularly good value, as well as supporting the organisation’s green agenda.

Tough in recycling

With ICE-like performance, the Hyster® J7.0 -9.0XNL series is an electric truck tough enough to take on dusty, dirty, and difficult operating conditions.

In recycling applications, dust can easily build up in a lift truck’s radiator. Electric forklifts may offer simpler maintenance in these working conditions. Likewise, the dusty environment can make air cooling a diesel-powered forklift a challenge. The Hyster® J7.0 -9.0XNL lift trucks feature drive controllers that are liquid cooled, offering high performance irrespective of operational or environmental conditions.

Though the lithium-ion batteries are charged at frequent intervals, such as during breaks, there is no loss in performance. For a recycling application this matters because there is no capacity loss at heavy usage, forks have the power to be pushed into bales when needed, and the forklift has excellent grade ability for driving on slopes or on bumpy, uneven surfaces.

Quiet for beverage operations

Many beverage production and storage applications can be found in urban areas. When choosing the right lift truck, that makes noise a key consideration.

The Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL lift truck series has low noise levels (69dBa), helping urban operations comply with local noise regulations as well as foster better relationships with close neighbours.

The low noise level can also enable longer running times, enhancing productivity. This is supported by high levels of truck controllability in lift and drive, enabling a wide variety of types and sizes of loads to be handled with ease, even the unstable loads typically found in this industry.

Powerful in construction

Heavy lifting is business as usual in construction materials applications. Handling two pallets of bagged palletised product or bulk 6-tonne bags can be a daily requirement when loading lorries for onward logistics.

In the past, only an ICE forklift would be considered tough enough for this type of application. Yet at the same time, businesses in the building materials industry, such as cement makers, are under pressure to reduce their high levels of carbon fuel consumption and their carbon footprint overall. This is a conundrum for manufacturers.

The Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL electric forklift provides the solution, delivering zero emissions, but with equivalent productivity levels to Hyster® ICE forklifts.

A zero-emissions solution for the right application

The Hyster® J7.0-9.0XNL is the only electric truck of this capacity range that delivers ICE-like performance, while offering a favourable return on investment within just a couple of years.

The above are just a few of the examples where a lithium-ion Hyster® lift truck is well suited – there are many more.

Now is the time to question what you think you know about lithium-ion, and truly consider if a switch to a tough electric Hyster® truck could be the right move.

The experts at Hyster are ready to advise you on making the switch. Contact your local dealer now to learn more.

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