The Hyster ‘cool truck’ for paper and recycling industries in action

9th November 2016

Recycling and paper applications face specific challenges when using lift trucks, as dust, dirt and loose debris in the working environment can lead to cooling problems. To help overcome these challenges and enhance operations in extreme environments, Hyster has developed the dependable ‘Cool Truck’.

The new Hyster® Cool Truck’ uses an innovative hydraulically controlled cooling fan which greatly reduces the possibility of the engine overheating, and reduces cleaning frequency. An automatic fan reversal cycle occurs every 20 minutes, creating a cleaning action that prevents radiator clogging and build up.

At the Hyster® HUB, forklift dealers and customers had the chance to see the ‘Cool Truck’ in action. Using a smoke machine to visually demonstrate air flow, visitors could see how the innovative fan reversal feature works, as the truck first sucks the smoke in. Then when the fan cycle is reversed, the truck blows the smoke away.

This self-cleaning action automatically flushes debris from the engine compartment to keep the truck running for longer between clean-outs.

Alongside the fan, the ‘Cool Truck’ package for Hyster® forklift trucks has a range of intelligently designed features that can be configured to make any tough operations easier. These include a fully enclosed frame with ballistic nylon cylinder protection to reduce the amount of loose debris drawn into the underside of the truck, and vented hoods and panels which help ensure only higher level clean air is drawn into the engine compartment.

For more information on the ‘Cool Truck’ or other Hyster® solutions for the paper and recycling industries, speak to your local Hyster dealer.

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