The 4 wheel zero turn revolution

10th April 2017

“The rear wheels turn more than 90° which allows the truck to turn within its own circle. This Hyster® 4-wheel truck turns like a 3-wheel truck.”

Consider this for a second in relation to your application. In short, it means your application can have smaller aisles, more storage space and potentially higher capacity trucks as the driver can turn the forklift truck on the spot.


The Hyster® Zero Turn Radius Axle (ZTR) (shown above) is featured on the Hyster® J series of 4-wheel electric trucks from 1.6 to 5.5 tonne lift capacity.

Combined with a compact chassis, the ZTR enables the Hyster® 4 wheel electric forklift trucks to operate in narrow aisles, as well as congested loading and unloading bays and wherever else space is tight.

It is possible for the J2.5XN (short wheel-base) to operate in aisle widths of less than 3.6 metres.


Meanwhile, the 4 tonne capacity model operates in aisle stacking widths as small as 4.1 metres, while the 5.5 tonne truck can support efficient operations even in aisles of just 4.39 metres.

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