Strong Hyster® Trucks for Metal Coil Handling at Oxelösunds Hamn in Sweden

14th January 2021

The Port of Oxelösund is located about 100km south of Stockholm, Sweden. Metal coils arrive at the port by train from Borlänge, which are then unloaded with the crane, and the forklifts drive out to pick up the coils. When a ship comes in, the Port’s operators must then transport the metal coils to the ships.

To support these tough handling challenges, the Port of Oxelösund chose Hyster® forklift trucks and Hyster® ReachStackers.

Watch this video to find out why.

Why choose Hyster® Big Trucks for metal coil handling?

There was a combination of several things which made the Port of Oxelösund choose Hyster® trucks.

“Machines that are reliable. Strong machines,” says Christian Vallin, production engineer at the port. “That they [Hyster] had a solution on how to fix any problems. Supply of spare parts. A total solution that appealed to us.”

The Port of Oxelösund created a list of requirements for the new vehicles. Its drivers also had a say from start to finish, with the opportunity to express how they want a vehicle to behave and what equipment the new lift trucks should have.

The Port of Oxelösund ordered two Hyster® H32XM012 forklift trucks, two Hyster® RS46-36CH ReachStackers and one 20 tonne capacity H20XM-9 Hyster® lift truck. Before ordering the trucks, the customer had the chance to test the trucks and ReachStackers at other Hyster® customer sites and, with Hyster® dealers, also visited the Hyster® factory in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Hyster® lift trucks for visibility

The Port of Oxelösund uses big machines and handles large loads, so that means an operator’s view backwards and forwards may be impaired.

Hyster helped by installing cameras at the back of the Hyster® heavy duty forklift trucks as well as high cameras placed both on top of and under the fork stand. Operators have found that this works really well and has helped with the view of the quay when driving.

Hyster Tracker provides control

An important part of the new fleet delivered is the Hyster Tracker wireless asset management system.

This has given the Port of Oxelösund an opportunity to limit drivers, so only those who are authorised by the company can drive a truck during working hours.

Learn more about Hyster Tracker telematics.

Optimising the operator experience

“What I like about the Hyster® trucks is that they turn softly, they have brakes that brake securely, but not too much. I don’t feel stiff when I step out of the machine or have neck pain or anything like that. They are ergonomic and quiet,” said one the Port’s operators.

Collaboration with local Hyster® dealers

Since the delivery of the trucks, some things have needed to be adjusted and adapted based on the Port of Oxelösund’s specific business needs. But Hyster® dealer Nordisk Truck-Trans and Hyster have continuous meetings with the customer, visiting the site to check the machines are running according to expectations. The relationship has only got stronger since delivery.

“As a whole, we are very pleased with the deal and how it went from start to finish and our relationship with Hyster has further developed – the Hyster team takes time to call and ask how it is going. And from start to finish in both practical and business matters, we are pleased with how we have been treated. I would definitely recommend others to drive Hyster,” says Christian Vallin, production engineer at Oxelösunds Hamn.

Hyster® solutions for metal handling challenges

If your application is handling metal coils, or any other challenging metal load, a range of Hyster® solutions is available to support you.

Speak to your local Hyster® dealer now to learn more.

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