Solutions for handling heavy loads with Hyster and Elme

10th December 2016

At the Hyster® HUB event in October 2016, ELME™ demonstrated how its wide range of truck spreaders and special attachments can help to lower the cost of operation for Hyster® customers, while providing toughness and reliability.

ELME has been a strategic supplier partner of Hyster since 1998 and with over 40 years of expertise, ELME designs, assembles and manufactures spreaders in Sweden for use with Hyster® lift trucks, empty container handlers and ReachStackers.

The Hyster® Big Trucks team at Nijmegen in the Netherlands works closely with ELME, ensuring that customers receive the right handling solution for their specific challenges.

Spreaders for Lift Trucks

Whether fork mounted, gantry mounted or integrated into the mast, ELME spreaders can be used with Hyster® heavy duty forklift trucks for handling empty or laden containers. Both empty and laden container spreaders can be telescopic or fixed.

Spreaders for ReachStackers

ELME spreaders are used with Hyster® ReachStackers for lifting laden ISO containers. ReachStackers can be either telescopic or fixed from 20 to 40 feet with a maximum lifting load of 45 tonnes.


Intermodal Spreaders

The ELME Intermodal Spreader has specially designed folding legs which enable the spreader to handle swap bodies, trailers and bottom lift containers, as well as ISO containers. The spreader has a capacity of up to 45 tonnes extending from 20 to 40 feet.

Special Attachments

ELME also offers a range of special equipment for cranes and trucks, including tool changers. This enables greater flexibility in handling and means that just one Hyster® truck can be used to overcome many different handling challenges within an application.

ELME Servicebox

ELME offers a wide range of Serviceboxes, which box up selected genuine parts to facilitate servicing and preventative maintenance of the spreader. The Servicebox includes all the parts which need to be replaced at service.

For more information visit or contact your Hyster® distribution partner.

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