See Hyster talk about zero emissions container handling

13th November 2017

At the Electric & Hybrid International Vehicle Technology Symposium 2018, Willem Nieuwland, Project Leader for Hyster will discuss “Zero-emissions solutions for heavy-duty container handling equipment”.

In his presentation, taking place on 15th November at the two-day event in Cologne, Germany, he will share information about the Hyster® brand’s first electric container handling truck, currently in development with lithium-ion batteries.

Many ports and heavy industries have pledged to reduce their carbon footprint. They expect to soon be able to electrify their Big Truck fleets, producing zero emissions while still specifying the right truck for their particular application needs.


The new electric 52-tonne top-loader container handling truck is expected to offer highly efficient energy recovery thanks to smart system architecture which enables the truck’s different systems to run at their optimum performance independently.

To find out more, book your place at the IVT Symposium at Koeln Messe on 14th & 15th November 2017.

Hyster is developing solutions to enable applications to move from profitable low emissions to profitable zero emissions using electric Big Trucks. Could it be the best choice for you?

For more information on the right power option for your application, speak to your local Hyster® dealer or visit .

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