RAVAS weighing systems for SOLAS at the Hyster Hub

13th November 2016

At the Hyster® HUB in October 2016, RAVAS showcased a range of mobile weighing systems to help support Method 2 shippers following the introduction of SOLAS mandatory container weighing requirements.

RAVAS mobile weighing systems are scales that can be integrated to Hyster® materials handling equipment such as pallet trucks and stackers, order pickers, reach trucks and forklifts. The mobile scales allow weighing to be done on the truck instead of a fixed floor scale, saving time, space and manpower while improving processes and efficiency.

New SOLAS container weight verification requirements have recently come into force which require that any container packed onto a ship must first have a verified weight (or verified gross mass – VGM).

“The RAVAS system makes individual pallet weighing easy,” explained Berto de Bijl, RAVAS Techno Commercial Manager, at the Hyster® HUB. “This helps support Method 2 shippers, who weigh the contents of the container and add this to the container tare weight to provide the VGM”.

“The scales can also be calibrated to meet legal for trade requirements for those areas and industries where this level of accuracy is legally required,” he continued.

In addition to accurate and efficient weighing systems, the RAVAS-SafeLoad can be fitted to counterbalance trucks to act as an active load diagram. Sensors gauge the stability of a load and display a simple to understand reading for the driver, from safe lifting (green) to unsafe and risk of tipping (red). This helps improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing damage to the stock, the warehouse and the truck.

Working closely with Hyster® dealers and with technicians based across Europe, systems can be fitted locally and maintenance is available.

For more information on Hyster® and RAVAS, speak to your local Hyster Dealer or visit www.hyster.eu .

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