Raising Visibility for 2nd Rail Handling

10th November 2020

Did you know that a Hyster® ReachStacker can load and unload containers from the second rail, even when there is a truck chassis or container on the first rail?

By combining several innovative features, including an elevating operator cabin, the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker can overcome the challenge of second rail handling in ports and terminals.

See it in action!

Watch this video of a tough Hyster® ReachStacker making light work of second rail container handling at a site of our customer Hupac.

Optimal operator visibility

To support operator visibility, Hyster® ReachStackers are equipped as standard with a partial sliding cabin. However, other options are available depending on the needs of the specific port or terminal.

For instance, ReachStackers carrying out intermodal handling or handling containers on the first rail may benefit from a full stroke sliding cabin. In the right application, operators may benefit from optimal visibility and even help to reduce the risk of damage.

However, for those handling on the second rail an elevating cabin can help to improve productivity while minimising potential damage. This specially engineered Hyster® solution helps to improve visibility during second rail handling by providing the operator with a direct view of the second container, over the container on the first rail. It is also designed to be robust, with the demanding conditions of ports and terminals in mind.

Accurate container handling for maximum productivity

It’s not only the level of visibility for the operator that plays an important role in accurate handling of containers on the 2nd rail. Hyster® ReachStackers have also been developed with features and options to help support accuracy. For instance, Powered Dampening Cylinders, included as standard, can help reduce the sway of a laden container, enhancing handling accuracy.

Handling of containers on trailers can also be a challenge when it comes to maintaining handling accuracy in terminal applications. The trailer may not be level, which means the container is not always in a perfect horizontal position for picking.  However, the Powered Pile Slope option on an Intermodal spreader, enables unevenly positioned containers to be picked with a ReachStacker, so that operations can be more productive when working with trailers.

Increase capacity with a stabiliser

In rail terminals, there are often heavy loads with a longer load centre. Businesses often choose to handle these with heavy equipment that allows for a large load centre. Yet these machines can be expensive to run, may have a high tyre wear, and can destroy yard pavement because of high ground pressure. An extra-long wheelbase is often needed for higher capacity at further load centres.

However, with a stabiliser, the handling of heavy loads on long load centres can be accommodated without the need for a larger truck.  For instance, the Hyster® RS46-41XD/62S with a 6200mm wheelbase can handle 28-tonnes on the second rail with a stabilizer deployed. In this case the stabilizer increases capacity by up to one third. (In the case of the Hyster® RS46-41XD/75S ReachStacker, a 2nd rail handling capacity of up to 34-tonnes is possible with a stabiliser applied. This represents an increase in handling capacity of up to 41% compared to a truck without a stabiliser!)

With a stabilizer, a smaller wheelbase is possible. This means that during normal driving, there is a smaller turning circle, allowing for optimized aisle widths and higher container storage density. Choosing a smaller truck results in a lower unit cost and reduced operational costs, due to decreased fuel usage and less tyre wear on the rear axle. The patented stabiliser system for Hyster® ReachStackers also ensures an even spread between tyres and the stabiliser, resulting in less ground pressure and less damage to the yard surface and increased stability.

Hyster® ReachStacker spreader camera systems

To provide extra support, where the application demands it, high definition weather resistant camera systems are also available.

When containers are handled on the second rail, often direct vision from the cabin is obscured. This can slow down operations and may increase the chances of incorrect handling, which reduces operation speed and increases the risk of faults and damages.

A camera system can be provided for Hyster® ReachStackers to support the pick-up of containers in certain 2nd rail handling applications. Options include a boomtop camera, which may enhance view on the far side of the container to support manoeuvring, or twistlock cameras, which are available on all Hyster® Container Handlers.

Hyster® ReachStacker with Emergency Hydraulic Pump

Should a truck fail while the spreader is connected to a container on the 2nd rail, this would cause major issues for the application, as the train will not be able to move, and the truck will not be able to be towed.

Hyster® ReachStackers are built to be dependable and durable as standards. However, another specially engineered solution to provide an extra layer of support for busy port and terminal applications is an emergency hydraulic pump for Hyster® ReachStackers.

This electrically driven pump can be installed inside the Hyster® ReachStacker’s chassis to provide emergency hydraulic functionality which enables the spreader to be disconnected from the container if necessary. This helps to prevent the ReachStacker from becoming a bottleneck in the train’s operation in the event of a failure – once the spreader is disconnected, the train can move and the ReachStacker can be towed.

Choosing the right Hyster® trucks for the right terminal application

The right choice of equipment will always depend on the specific demands of the application, as each Port and Terminal operation may face different challenges and conditions. From layout to TEU capacity, turnaround times and labour costs, through to fleet size and operational costs.
Your local Hyster® dealer working together with Port and Terminal Industry specialists at Hyster can look at the detail of your operation to find the best solutions for overcoming challenges and maximising productivity, all while delivering tough and durable Hyster® trucks with a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Contact your local Hyster® dealer today to find out more.

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