8th March 2022


Robust Hyster® equipment is ideal for Powering YOUR Possibilities in demanding warehouse or logistics operations.

Hyster has more than 140 models of counterbalance lift trucks, warehouse equipment, and more, to match to your particular application needs.

However, here are just a few examples of the latest Hyster trucks that can support warehouse operations.

Hyster counterbalance stacker trucks for bottom closed pallets


The newly updated Hyster S1.0-1.5C Counterbalance Stacker series, for lifts up to 1.5 tonnes, has been optimised with efficiency, dependability, and operator comfort.

It features a new controller, lithium-ion battery options, and full electric steering to help reduce operator fatigue, in turn supporting productivity, and has three pre-set drive modes making it easy for operators to get started.

CANbus diagnostics and ease of service access also help to maximise uptime.

A range of application-matched options are also available. Learn more about the latest Hyster Stacker.

Hyster Platform Pallet Trucks – the choice is yours

The Hyster P2.0-3.0S Platform Pallet Trucks are designed to help operations cross docking, loading or unloading trailers, and order picking in the warehouse. Capable of lifting up to three tonnes, the truck is lithium-ion ready, and gives operations a choice of models.

There are many options to tailor the truck to the needs of a particular warehouse application. For example, in operations where space is at a premium, Hyster® Platform Pallet Truck models with a foldable, rather than fixed, platform may support manoeuvrability in narrow aisle widths or congested areas. Other applications may want to optimise productivity by specifying a truck with longer forks, allowing transportation of two pallets per journey, or more, if handled crossways. Discover more.

Hyster Ultra Compact Lithium-Ion Pallet Trucks

Simple to use, Hyster® PC1.5 pallet trucks are powered by a lithium-ion battery, offering significant benefits to the operator compared to a hand pallet truck.

Benefit from powered travelling, lifting, and lowering with a small and lightweight design that can lift up to 1.5 tonnes. The motorised design helps reduce the strain on operators when pushing or pulling heavy loads.

The ultra-compact PC1.5 pallet truck from Hyster is tough enough for daily warehouse operations and compact for use in tight spaces. When the lithium-ion battery needs replacing on this lithium-ion pallet truck, it takes just six seconds to exchange it, keeping the warehouse operation running with minimal interruption.

Ready to switch from hand pallet trucks? Find out more.

What’s your challenge in the warehouse?

The range of Hyster warehouse equipment could be Powering YOUR Possibilities in logistics and warehousing applications.

Contact your local Hyster dealer to talk about your needs or learn more about Hyster solutions for logistics and warehousing.

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