Over the Top! See Beyond Tall Loads With New Hyster® Forklift Cab Option

11th May 2021

Are you regularly handling tall loads, such as pallets of kegs, gas bottles and bulk plastics or paper? If so, the new raised operator cabin option on the Hyster® J4.0-5.5XN electric forklift series may help enhance forward visibility for your lift truck operators.

This truck option has been developed by the Hyster Special Truck Engineering Team with real industry challenges in mind. Previously available on lower capacity electric lift trucks, this option has now extended to forklifts for lifts up to 5.5 tonnes.

Enhanced lift truck visibility

Tall loads can impair visibility, while driving in reverse can cause fatigue. Where the operation demands it, the raised cabin option overcomes these challenges, helping to keep forklift operators comfortable, so that they can be more productive.

In this special high forklift cab, the operator seat height has been raised by 435mm, while an additional step on the left-hand side and extra grab handles provide excellent operator access.

Raised forklift cab option

The raised cab module is suitable for all models in the Hyster® J4.0-5.5XN electric forklift range, whether you prefer an overhead guard or a cab, and doesn’t limit the lift capacity of the truck. The best forklift mast option for your particular needs will be confirmed during consultation with the Hyster application and engineering specialists. Pneumatic Shaped Solid (PSS) tyres are recommended for this particular solution.

For ease of service, the raised cab forklift option offers excellent access with one-piece hinged side doors for easy battery removal. It is delivered with side battery extraction (using fork pockets).

Tough 4-wheel electric Hyster® forklift

The Hyster® J4.0 – 5.5XN electric forklift delivers excellent manoeuvrability, with zero turning radius, and a low cost of operation through customisable settings to achieve a balance between energy efficiency and performance.

These tough electric forklifts deliver ICE-like performance combined with low energy consumption for the beverage, bottling, paper, plastics, and chemical industries, amongst others.

The extremely tough Hyster® J4.0-5.5XN electric forklift truck series is designed to operate in arduous and intensive operations both indoors and outdoors, with a robust chassis, IP65 rated drive axle and heavy duty, rigid mast for excellent, stable and fast load handling capability

What’s your challenge?

Talk to your local Hyster® dealer today about the best Hyster® equipment options for your application’s challenges, or learn more about solutions from the Hyster Special Engineering Team.

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