Orlaco cameras for visibility at Hyster Rhine Tour

5th September 2018

If a terminal is connected to rail or water, an elevating cabin on a Hyster ReachStacker can help to improve efficiency. The elevating cabin allows the operator to look in the barge or over the first container on the first rail.


The Hyster® design causes less movement during driving, compared with masted solutions. This leads to less wear and less maintenance. It is possible to optionally add cabin tilt. This results in improved ergonomics for the driver when handling containers in the stack – it is easier to look high up.


At the Hyster® Rhine Tour, a Hyster® ReachStacker with elevating cabin was also equipped with cameras at every twistlock.


These cameras, as well as the rearview camera and RadarEye active detection system, were supplied by Orlaco, who were also in the Supplier area.


Mr Martin van Rossen was available to discuss any vision enhancement requirement with attendees.

For more information visit www.hyster.eu or talk to your local Hyster® distribution partner.

Visit https://www.orlaco.com/ or see a video about solutions for vision surrounding ReachStackers at https://www.orlaco.com/media/video/full-vision-surrounding-reach-stackers




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