Optional Hyster® A Series systems support tough handling applications

8th December 2022

Hyster® A Series forklifts are designed to be customisable to the particular operational needs of the toughest industrial applications. Designed with A+ Logic, a fully integrated set of scalable and adjustable features, every truck can be delivered fine-tuned to specific requirements. But did you know there are a number of optional safety, operator assistance, and fleet management systems available too?

The Hyster A Series allows businesses to start with a singular base configuration. Then, add the features that that best suit the needs of the operation or the operator. Some industrial applications may also select optional safety, operator assistance and fleet management systems to help.

Operator assistance systems

Optional operator assistance features for the Hyster A Series lift trucks can provide alerts and automatically adjust truck performance based on real-time conditions to help reinforce proper operating practices and maintain productivity.

For example, a Rear-Facing Camera with corresponding LCD display may helps in monitoring the rear area of the truck while manoeuvring or changing directions. Meanwhile the Integrated Proximity Detection option is customer-configurable and helps to detect proximity to other equipment, pedestrians, and beacons through local or real-time location technologies. When needed, the forklift truck speed and hydraulic functions will be automatically adjusted to help reinforce proper operating practices and maintain productivity.

The Hyster industry-exclusive Integrated Object Detection System is also available, using infrastructure-free LiDAR technology to help alert the operator if an object is detected in the path of travel. When needed, the system automatically adjusts lift truck speed.

Leverage telematics with Hyster Tracker

Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, which may help drive fleet efficiency, improve operator performance, reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint, and lower overall material handling costs.

The system allows managers and technicians to easily monitor and diagnose equipment remotely. This helps reduce the need for technician visits or manual inspection in order to determine preventive maintenance needs.

Maintenance-free Dynamic Stability System (DSS)

The optional, maintenance-free stability system for the Hyster A Series supports works with the operator to promote operating best practices. It provides audible and visual alerts that can be logged through standard telemetry hardware.

It includes a lateral stability system to help reduce truck lean while turning, and a corner control system which limits speed during cornering manoeuvres, and can be adjusted to suit the application needs and operator’s experience level.

High lift traction control may help reinforce proper operating practices by limiting speed. High lift tilt control additionally limits tilt range when the carriage is raised above a height threshold.

Order the Hyster A Series lift truck for your operation

Designing a Hyster H2.0-3.5A forklift truck to meet specific application requirements gives businesses the comfort, cost and performance benefits that suit the operation and the operators’ needs. It is also a materials handling solution that suits budgets, as there is no need to include and pay for features that are not required.

Speak to your local Hyster dealer about how the Hyster A Series can support your application with operator-centric design, low total cost of ownership, and high performance and productivity. Or learn more here.

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