Roll up, roll up. it’s UK National Forklift Safety Day

11th June 2019

Alongside National Forklift Safety Day on 11th June 2019, here are three of the ways that Hyster Europe helps businesses in the paper supply chain to reduce damage while improving the efficiency and productivity of drivers.

1. Driver Awareness as Standard

In busy paper handling operations, all lift trucks should provide good driver awareness, something that Hyster incorporates into every truck design as standard.

The Hyster® Fortens® forklift series, for example, is built with an innovative operator compartment design that offers good visibility, assisting drivers with an elevated awareness of their environment.  With low whole-body vibration, reduced ear noise levels and conveniently located, intuitive controls, drivers can experience greater comfort and ease of operation, all of which can contribute to better awareness and accurate truck control to support efficient paper supply chain operations.

2. Intelligent Design Reduces Damage

With intelligent design to help prevent load damage and maximise reliability, Hyster® lift trucks help operations to keep paper moving through the supply chain.

Hyster® trucks feature leak free O-ring fittings to reduce the risk of product contamination, while the hydraulic accumulator provides protection to the hydraulic system and truck from shock loads and prevents hydraulic slippage. This is especially important in high capacity clamping applications as it minimises paper damage from clamp arms caused by shock loads (potholes, dock plates, etc.). It also improves operator comfort by absorbing shock loads.

Wrapper damage caused by slack chains is also a common, but avoidable, issue within the paper industry. A chain slack prevention valve on Hyster® lift trucks prevents the mast chain from losing tension when the clamped load is stacked, and the driver continues to operate the mast lowering function. When opened, clamp arms will not slip and damage the roll wrapping.

3. Hyster Tracker Telematics System

Hyster Tracker, which can be installed on a variety of mobile equipment, provides controlled operator access, proactive maintenance alerts and reactive impact and fault codes. It enables operatives to collect data, from daily service checks to accident reports and utilisation analysis.

In intense operating conditions, paper reels are prone to damage due to the human factor. Implementing the Hyster Tracker fleet management system can increase driver accountability in these operations and help to reduce stock and equipment damage. GPS tracking data also helps identify areas within an operation that may present a higher probability of incidents, such as congestion-prone areas.

Driver training is still an essential factor, but Hyster Tracker can help to encourage better driving practices and ultimately reduce impact damage and consequential downtime

With a range of solutions to suit many different paper applications, Hyster offers local support, globally, to ensure that businesses can select the right choice of Hyster® truck, as well as the correctly configured clamps and attachments, for their particular needs.

For advice on the best 360-degree solutions for optimising your paper handling operation, contact your local Hyster® distribution partner or visit .

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