17th May 2022

A specially engineered XC cabin is now available to specify as an option for the Hyster® Fortens 6.0-9.0FT series of IC lift trucks and the Hyster J7.0-9.0XNL series of electric series, to optimise comfort, ergonomics, and productivity, where the application demands it. Other cabin options are still available – Hyster gives you choices to find the best match for your particular application’s needs.

The optional XC cabins are available to customise your forklift fleet and meet the specific demands of your operation. The latest XC cabin is available for certain IC and Electric trucks, with capacities up to 9 tonnes.

Hyster XC forklift cabins for demanding environments

Hyster forklifts are used in a range of demanding applications, and can face tough environments, such as extreme weather conditions, dust, and dirt. These lift trucks have operator visibility and comfort at their core.  However, businesses can also choose from various cabin options to meet their application needs.   

The new XC cabin option for Hyster Fortens 6-9 tonne capacity IC forklift trucks and Hyster 7-9 tonne capacity electric forklift trucks offers multiple features to support businesses through these challenges.

For example, forklift operations in the construction, paper, and wood industries or lift trucks operating port side, encounter dirty, dusty or salty air, which can hinder visibility. With the XC cabin, a rear window wiper and washer, and an optional wiper-washer on the top window, help the operator to benefit from a clear view out of the cabin’s large glass windows.

To avoid the forklift windows misting up in low temperatures and rainy weather, electrically heated front and rear windows also assist driver visibility. To the other extreme, forklift operators working in hot climates benefit from a sun curtain under the top window which helps protect the operator and prevent glare that could also impact visibility. The operator can also open the XC cabin’s rear window for additional ventilation.

Optional metallised outer frame and doors with anti-corrosion treatment further help to protect trucks working in harsh conditions.

Forklifts for comfort, visibility, and productivity

Optional features that also contribute to comfort, ergonomics, and productivity include air conditioning, a Hyster telescopic steering column, the big truck seat package, and a DAB radio with Bluetooth, and a concept holder.  As standard, operator visibility inside the cabin is aided by LED ambient spots and LED strips in the roof, as well as a reading lamp at the front pillar.

Working at a reduced noise level may contribute greatly to operator comfort and focus, which both support productivity. The noise insulated XC cab helps to protect the driver from noise and vibrations from the truck itself, as well as keeping unwanted noise from the operating environment at a minimum.

Specify the right forklift for your needs

If you have lift trucks operating in intense industry applications with challenging environments, or driver comfort is of high importance, the XC cabin option may be a great solution for your business.

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner to discover more about this special cabin option, and a range of further choices to customise your Hyster lift truck fleet for enhanced productivity.

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