New Hyster e-guide helps you select the right everyday forklift truck

13th June 2017

A new Hyster® E-Guide is now available to download to help you understand what to look for when selecting a tough and reliable lift truck, such as the 2 – 3 tonne capacity forklift trucks in the Hyster® XT series.

The right choice of forklift truck can help improve your operation and boost your business in many ways. But how do you choose the right one and maximise the results of your investment?

The free guideThe Seven Key Characteristics of Trucks You Can Count Onis based on extensive Hyster knowledge of materials handling in every sector, plus many years of meeting the needs of different applications.  The advice will prove valuable for those using forklift trucks for several hours a day, indoors or outdoors, for ‘everyday’ tasks, such as loading and unloading lorries, storing and retrieving goods and transporting loads within business premises.It reveals seven core attributes to look for when specifying a forklift truck to meet your handling needs, every day of the week. It also includes useful information on the benefits of choosing your truck well, and what practical actions can be taken to ensure that you make the best choice.To download the E-Guide visit: For more information on the range of robust and dependable Hyster® forklift and warehouse trucks, visit

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