26th April 2022

A new Heavy Duty Electric Scissor Lift pallet truck is now available from Hyster, featuring an updated design and new ergonomic features.

A new Heavy Duty Electric Scissor Lift pallet truck is now available from Hyster, featuring an updated design and new ergonomic features.

Why do I need a scissor lift?

The new Electric Scissor Lift from Hyster allows for easy lifting of loads to a height up to 800 mm. Hyster is “Powering Your Possibilities” when it comes to raising goods and objects to inspect or work on them, but without overloading your back. When in the lifted position, the Scissor Lift becomes a practical work platform, making it well suited to applications such as machine workshops.

This pallet truck is also versatile and can support operations in carrying loads and materials for assembly and production lines.

Why choose a Hyster Electric Scissor Lift?

It makes tough lifts simple

Electric lift makes it easy to raise loads or objects of up to 1000kg to heights of up to 800mm. Fork lengths of 1150 mm, and fork widths of 540 mm are ideal for handling your typical loads in workshop environments. 

The Electric Scissor Lift is designed for stability, with stabilisers at both the front and rear. Meanwhile, the off-load valve allows for a smoother lowering of the load, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of damage.

Automatic switch-off prevents overpressure once the forks are in the highest position. An optional auto-levelling system is also available, which adjusts the fork height to keep the desired working height constant.

It is designed with the operator in mind

The new machine features a special 3D ergonomically shaped tiller. Compared to a conventional tiller, this shape allows the operator to achieve a good position when pushing loads. This results in maximum efficiency without fatigue.

The Electric Scissor Lift also features a design that  is aimed at reducing the likelihood of foot injuries, while also giving the user more freedom of movement.

An emergency push button with battery cut-off function is clearly visible and at the operator’s fingertips.

It has a tough and durable design

The resistant and reliable one-piece cast iron housing on the Electric Scissor Lift protects all components, aiming to minimise the chances of accidental damage. The piston rod is chromed in order to help reduce rust and help decrease potential oil leakage during use.  The machine also features a steel tank, providing the benefits of high resistance and durability.

The Electric Scissor Lift comes with Rubber-PU wheels fitted as standard. Other wheel options are available.

Onboard charging is convenient

The Electric Scissor Lift is fitted with a 60Ah 12V battery and onboard charger for convenience. It also includes a handy in-built storage compartment for the charger cable.  Other batteries are available as options. This enables business to select a battery which provides lower maintenance requirements or longer lifespans should the application require it.

Order a Scissor Lift now

Talk to your local Hyster® distribution partner about Powering Your Possibilities with the new Electric Scissor Lift or other pallet truck options.

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