More Choice With New Hyster® Forklifts

12th May 2020

Whether you need an electric or IC Hyster® lift truck, there are now more choices thanks to the launch of a new series of Hyster® general-purpose counterbalance forklifts.

New Hyster® lift truck series

Designed to meet the real-world needs of a wide range of operations, the new Hyster® UT lift truck series gives businesses more ways to select the right truck at the right price, for the right application.

When matched with the right application and the right operating volume, businesses will find these trucks straight-forward, durable, reliable, and uncomplicated to maintain.

Hyster® general-purpose IC forklift

The Hyster® H2.0-3.5UT forklift series, available with diesel, LPG or dual fuel engines, provides strength, reliability and a low cost of ownership. With an uncomplicated design, the 2-3.5-tonne capacity lift trucks are well suited to the needs of many general-purpose handling operations, particularly lower intensity operations, and complement the existing range of Hyster® lift trucks.

With travel speeds up to 20km/h and fast lifting and lowering speeds, the no-nonsense Hyster® UT IC lift trucks come with a range of standard features to help drivers get on with the job, whether stacking in the warehouse or loading lorries in the yard. Various forks and carriages, including integrated side shift options, as well as a range of masts, including tilt options, are available to suit real-world operating needs.

Just Launched: Hyster® J1.5 – 3.0 UT electric lift truck series

The new Hyster® J1.5-3.0UT electric counterbalance forklift trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and bring reliability to operations across industry. Available with lead acid batteries, lift heights up to 6000mm, lift capacities from 1,500kg up to 3,000kg, travel speeds up to 16km/h and a range of standard features and options.

With a familiar automotive layout, these uncomplicated and cost-effective forklift trucks are well suited to the needs of many general-purpose operations and are particularly suitable for low intensity operations.

To maximise driver effectiveness, the operator compartment offers a practical and comfortable working environment, the new Hyster® electric lift trucks have an ergonomically designed operator compartment with all controls in easy reach and a clear LCD display provides the driver with easy access to all the data they need.

Simple to use, simple to maintain

Maintenance for the UT lift trucks is straight-forward, reducing service time and costs. With easy service access and no special tools, laptops or PC required, this is an ideal option for operations looking to self-service. Cost-effective replacement parts are readily available, and the truck is covered by our standard Hyster® warranty.

The new series of trucks also receives the same high-quality service, support, back-up and parts through the existing global network of local Hyster® distribution partners, just like the existing FT and XT Hyster® lift truck series’.

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