Mobile App Now Available for Hyster Tracker

30th June 2020

A new wireless fleet management mobile app is now available for the Hyster Tracker telematics solution. What can it do? And how can it help you?

New Hyster Tracker app

The app works as a companion to the existing Hyster Tracker desktop portal, delivering data-driven insights and equipment visibility to smartphones for more efficient fleet management.

The free mobile app is compatible with both android and iOS devices. Hyster Tracker users can simply download the app from the app store and enter their existing Hyster Tracker credentials to get started.

Download for Android on Google Play store.

Download for Apple iOS on App store.

Fleet management on the move

The Hyster Tracker wireless fleet management solution provides you with complete fleet visibility, helping you to make informed decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The app helps you monitor and manage your lift trucks and other equipment on the move.

Smart dashboards – Easy to use smart dashboards with Hyster Tracker make large data sets more manageable via smartphone. This eliminates the need for you to use a laptop for critical information and site analysis.

Instant insight – With the Hyster Tracker app, you can view the latest fleet utilisation and key equipment data, including impacts and pre-shift safety checklist errors at the touch of a button. This makes the app a handy tool for quick, informed decision-making on the go.

Event notifications – Push notifications on your smartphone can alert you to critical events as they occur, helping reduce incident response times and downtime.

Keep control of your forklift fleet

By creating efficiencies and cost savings for your materials handling operation, the Hyster Tracker fleet management solution can start saving you money right away.

To get started with Hyster Tracker or learn more about how to use the Hyster Tracker app, contact your Hyster® dealer now.

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