8th September 2021

Logistics operations are usually high intensity, multi-shift operations that demand round the clock truck availability and maximum uptime. With fast charging times of just 1-2 hours, the Hyster® J2.5-J3.0XNL series lift trucks provide an effective solution for increasing operational uptime. 

Smart charging

Opportunity charging of the lithium-ion batteries enables the Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL trucks to top up on power during break times, with no adverse effect on battery life. Fast charging times of 1-2 hours also make these trucks an ideal solution for multi-shift logistics and 3PL operations where truck uptime needs to be maximised.  For convenience, the batteries are also maintenance free.

Space saving

The opportunity charging strategy saves valuable space in warehouses. Where real estate is increasingly expensive, there is no need to allocate space for battery storage, or as a charging room, so more of the building footprint can be used for profitable activities.

The Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL lift trucks are also designed with space-saving in mind. The compact design is well suited to warehouses and loading operations in logistics where space may be tight.

Operator comfort

The design of the Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL forklifts with an integrated lithium-ion battery helps free space in the operator compartment, maximising comfort, and convenience to enable the high productivity that is so essential to logistics applications.   Lithium-ion powered trucks are also often quieter, improving driver comfort further.


Many logistics businesses are working towards environmental and sustainability objects. Lift trucks with lithium-ion batteries produce zero emissions, helping logistics businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

High hour operations will often find that, despite the greater upfront investment, lithium-ion forklifts prove an economical choice over time compared to other power options.  With significant productivity benefits when matched with the right application, the zero-emissions Hyster J2.5-3.0XNL series delivers a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Learn more about lithium-ion lift trucks

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