Making the Move in DIY Stores With Affordable Hyster® Lift Trucks

7th July 2020

DIY stores and builder’s merchants are often the final stage in the supply chain for construction materials, retailing items like wood and bricks to the end customer. The new Hyster® UT series of lift trucks and warehouse equipment provides a choice of options well suited to the demands of these applications.

In the yards or warehouses of construction materials retailers, forklifts, and warehouse equipment, such as pallet trucks or pallet stackers, are often used for moving palletised loads, loading and unloading lorries, and picking orders. Although lift trucks may not be in constant use in these applications, they are vital for particular activities. So, when duty calls, these businesses need trucks available that are tough and reliable, and get the job done.

Forklifts for handling construction materials

A Hyster® UT lift truck can be ideal for the level of operating intensity in these applications. For instance, the Hyster® H2.0-3.5 UT IC counterbalance forklift series can lift loads of up to 3.5 tonnes, so is a good option for handling palletised loads of construction materials, timber, or any other loads that do not require an attachment.

Available with diesel, LPG or dual fuel engines, the straightforward Hyster® IC UT forklifts provide strength, reliability and a low cost of ownership. With an uncomplicated design, they are easy to operate and simple to maintain, so they are ready when the operation demands it.

Straightforward pallet truck option

DIY retail warehouses and builder’s merchants may also find the new Hyster® P2.0UT S platform pallet truck an ideal choice for transporting palletised loads over short and long distances, as and when needed. The small turning radius also makes this Hyster® pallet truck suitable for lorry loading and unloading.

With travel speeds up to 7.1km/h and a cushioned ergonomic platform to ride on, operators can get on with the job quickly, easily, and comfortably. Electric steering is available as an option to support ease of operation.

Handling on building sites

Hyster® UT lift trucks can also help the construction industry beyond the builder’s merchant.

Materials handling equipment can be helpful on construction sites for unloading lorries or moving heavy duty materials around workshops. Hyster® UT lift trucks and pallet trucks provide an affordable option that meets the needs of these applications, where materials handling equipment may be needed for intermittent operation over a short period of time.

Meets the need. Makes the move.

Demanding applications take many forms. Your local Hyster® dealer can help you select the right truck, at the right price, for the right application.

Contact your Hyster® dealer now for advice or to learn more about the new Hyster® UT lift and warehouse truck options that could complement your fleet.

View the full range of Hyster® materials handling equipment at or learn more about solutions for the construction industry.

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