18th October 2022

Throughout the supply chain in the paper handling industry, from the forest where the raw material originates, through to the pulp mills, paper mills, warehouses, and recycling operations, there are a number of pain points to contend with.  You need to know how to alleviate that pain.

The good news is that your materials handling equipment can help.

A new white paper from Hyster is a must read for operations handling paper rolls and recycled paper. It looks at the key factors affecting your operation and recommends materials handling solutions to the most common challenges.

Download now: 5 Pain points in Paper Handling (and what you can do about them)

The paper landscape is changing

The paper industry has seen fresh challenges and unexpected changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, while the push for sustainability efforts is also significantly affecting the industry.  The new Hyster® white paper explores these key challenges in greater detail.

  • Challenge 1. Being sustainable is hard – The paper industry is demonstrating a growing commitment to recycling and using alternative energy sources. How can the newest generation of electric lift trucks help businesses to prove their green credentials to customers, while still getting the job done?
  • Challenge 2. Keeping people safe – With pressures to increase productivity, load sizes and stacking heights, the safety of the workforce is a high priority. Combined with correctly trained operators, the right materials handling equipment will support operational safety, and comfort
  • Challenge 3. Reducing product damage – Paper rolls are getting bigger (and heavier), though the space they are stored in isn’t. To improve efficiency and reduce damage, paper operations need to specify trucks with the right capacity, and the correct specialist attachments
  • Challenge 4. Productivity in tough environments – Lift trucks that are not properly cleaned out and maintained can overheat, causing downtime, and increased maintenance costs. How can this be avoided with the right materials handling equipment designed for challenging conditions?
  • Challenge 5. Going digital – Technology is being implemented at various stages of the paper production process. From robotic lift truck solutions, through to digital fleet management, there are several ways that materials handling equipment can support the move into a more digital world

Preparing for the future

Is your paper handling application prepared with the right materials handling solutions for the future?

Select a supplier that can support your ongoing sustainability journey, and that delivers equipment and technologies built with real-world applications in mind.  Download the Hyster white paper to learn more. 

Talk to your local Hyster distribution partner or contact our paper industry specialists now to discuss your particular needs.

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