Keep Operations Running With Hyster® UT Trucks That Get The Job Done

5th June 2020

Demanding applications take many forms. Keep operations running with the right Hyster® truck, at the right price in the right application.

For applications needing to change, expand or optimise their operations, the new Hyster® UT series provides a simple solution. These affordable trucks are designed to meet the real-world needs of a wide range of operations, supporting businesses during peaks in activity or exceptional events.

Hyster® P2.0UT S platform pallet trucks

The new Hyster® platform pallet truck is ideal for straightforward operations looking to optimise lorry loading and unloading operations and boost pallet transportation rates. See it in action.

Hyster® S1.5UT pedestrian stacker

This versatile new Hyster® pedestrian stacker truck lifts up to 1.5-tonnes and gives the user substantial productivity. See more.

Hyster® H2.0-3.5UT IC lift trucks

For strength, reliability, productivity and a low cost of ownership, the Hyster® H2.0-3.5UT IC lift truck series is easy to use and simple to maintain. See it for yourself.

Hyster® J1.5-3.0UT electric counterbalance forklift trucks

These uncomplicated four-wheel Hyster® forklifts suit many different handling operations, with excellent manoeuvrability, control and visibility. Watch it at work.

Right truck. Right price. Right application.

When matched with the right application and operating volume, businesses will find all Hyster® UT lift trucks and warehouse equipment durable, reliable, and uncomplicated to maintain. Find a local Hyster® dealer to discuss the best options for your particular operation.

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