Is a Lithium-ion pallet truck the right choice for you?

3rd August 2017

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming more widely available as a power option in the growing electric forklift market. But is lithium ion the right power choice for a pallet truck? That depends on the specific requirements of the individual operation.

The dependable Hyster® P1.6-2.2 Pedestrian Powered Pallet Truck can now be specified with a 56 Ah lithium-ion battery option.

Lithium-ion power – ideal for stop/start operations

One of the most significant advantages of a lithium-ion battery pack is that it allows for opportunity charging, making it perfect for stop/start operations. For instance, where a pallet truck might be used for a trailer unloading operation for 45 minutes, immediately followed by 30 minutes of paper work for the operator.

With a lithium-ion battery powered pallet truck, this short period of inactivity can be used for opportunity charging, before continuing with loading or unloading operations. This avoids the need for the unit to be removed from use for charging during the shift.

To ensure the pallet truck can be specified to meet the needs of the application, the Hyster® pedestrian powered pallet truck can be specified with either a single battery (56 Ah capacity), or with a multiple battery pack for extended running time.

Lead-acid batteries – perfect for constant use

A standard lead-acid battery offers good battery life and dependability for demanding operations. Lithium-ion batteries can be more expensive, so a pallet truck with a lead-acid battery will have a lower acquisition price than lithium-ion powered equipment.

Where operations require pallet trucks to be in constant use, presenting no opportunity to charge during the shift, a lead-acid battery powered pallet truck tends to be the best choice.
Regardless of power source, Hyster® P1.6-2.2 Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks deliver numerous benefits, including excellent visibility and manoeuvrability, enhanced control thanks to a ‘creep speed button’ that slows travel speed, and increased uptime thanks to easy service access. It offers outstanding durability and reliability, prolonged shift life and a low cost of operation.

To help decide what type of pallet truck would suit your operation, talk to your local Hyster® dealer.
Warehouse simulation software can also be used selecting the right trucks and power options to maximise operational efficiency. Visit for more information.

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