Innovation: a Driving Force in Automotive Logistics

16th June 2020

To keep up with the demands of Industry 4.0, Hyster continues to support materials handling application in the automotive sector with tools and products to help manage the “unexpected”.

Here are three Hyster® solutions that are driving innovation within automotive logistics.

Robotic Hyster® forklift trucks

Robotic (self-driving) lift trucks from Hyster Europe enable companies to introduce “affordable automation” to their operation, driving efficiency for repetitive handling tasks.

Repetitive lift truck tasks performed by an operator can be unnecessarily expensive. On occasion, human error may also contribute to delays or damage, incurring additional costs. Hyster® Robotic Trucks can offer a good return in the right applications helping to keep busy production lines running smoothly, while driving down cost. The cost benefit can often be realised within just two to three years, sometimes less when considering the demanding multi-shift operations.

It’s possible to automate activities such as moving pallets or towing trailers using Hyster® robotic lift trucks. Unlike automated guided vehicles (AGVs), Hyster® automated trucks can easily integrate into existing infrastructure without compromising toughness and dependability and be programmed to interact with other vehicles and people. For example, they will stop and give way.

Hyster Tracker fleet management system

Take your fleet operation to the next level with wireless asset management from Hyster. Hyster Tracker provides true wireless fleet management, can drive fleet efficiency, improve operator performance, reduce your carbon footprint and lower your overall material handling cost.

The different features of the Hyster Tracker telematics system are designed to help your organisation to:

• Improve site safety and operator accountability

• Optimise equipment performance

• Enhance fleet management and workforce productivity

Conveniently access the Hyster Tracker portal via desktop, laptop or tablet – anywhere you have an internet connection – and you’ll see every truck in your fleet that’s been equipped with the compact and rugged telemetry module.

A new wireless fleet management mobile app for the Hyster Tracker telematics solution is also available. The app works as a companion to the existing Hyster Tracker desktop portal, delivering data driven insights and equipment visibility to smartphones for more efficient fleet management. The free mobile app is compatible with both android and iOS devices

Calculate efficiencies with Hyster® warehouse simulator

The Hyster® warehouse simulator allows us to help you choose the right configuration of forklift trucks for your automotive warehouse.

The simulator shows how your warehouse would work based on the fleet or trucks recommended and core data on the warehouse dimensions and the operation. To be sure that you have the right mix of handling equipment, the simulator allows the user to try out all scenarios. It provides a detailed operational forecast, without the cost of employing a Logistics Consultant.

For further information on Hyster® innovations for the automotive industry, contact your local Hyster® distribution partner or visit

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