IFOY AWARD 2020 finalist – Hyster J60XNL ( J3.0XNL )

17th February 2020

The Hyster J60XNL (J3.0XNL) was nominated as a finalist for this year`s IFOY Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year).

From February 6 to 13, the nominees were critically tested by an official tester, a team of scientists and the 27 international jurors. More than 310 visitors from 19 nations came to the capital of Lower Saxony to watch the test procedure of two days at the premises of IFOY partner Hannover Messe.

Among the guests for the first time were representatives from the business world, including BMW, Dachser, Rewe, Porsche and Kühne + Nagel. During the TEST CAMP on February 12 and 13, they had the opportunity to get their own impression of the nominated vehicles and solutions of the current year and previous years and to test them extensively.

The audit was concluded with the assessment of the finalists by the jurors and their approved consultants. The jury members, trade journalists from all over the world, not only received all results of the IFOY Test and the scientific IFOY Innovation Check for their voting but also had the opportunity to test the nominated machines themselves and to drive them in the test areas of the exhibition hall.

LogiMAT 2020

We are ecstatic to announce that the Hyster® J60XNL (J3.0XNL) will be on show at this years LogiMAT 2020 from 10th – 12th March in Stuttgart, Germany, where we will be unveiling the latest products for intralogistics operations.

Here’s what you can expect to discover on the Hyster Europe stand:

IFOY Category

Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5 t


The Hyster® J60XNL (J3.0XNL) integrated lithium-ion forklift is the first counterbalance lift truck designed from the ground up to take advantage of the form factor of a lithium-ion battery pack. Compared to the traditional ‘box on wheels’ design, this provides several important benefits, including greater space in the operator compartment and lower centre of gravity, improved ergonomics, confidence when entering and exiting the truck, and stability on long hauls and in corners – all with the fast, opportunity charging benefits of lithium-ion power.


The J60XNL (J3.0XNL) takes the efficiency, zero battery maintenance, power delivery, faster charging compared to lead-acid batteries and long battery life of lithium-ion power and brings it to a counterbalance lift truck, with considerable attention toward design, ergonomics and reduced total cost of operation. Opportunity charging and the ability to charge in approximately one hour makes lithium-ion power an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. The truck is also FDA compliant, with zero emissions in operation and no gassing required during the charging process, making it a strong choice for operations subject to high standards for the hygiene, like food, beverage or pharmaceuticals.

Read the full product description here https://ifoy.org/en/ifoy-2020-en/nominations-2020/j60xnl

Which companies will win the IFOY 2020 this year will remain a well-kept secret for a few more weeks. Traditionally, apart from the members of the jury, no one knows the overall result of the tests before the awards ceremony, which takes place during the big IFOY Award Night on April 20 at the Hannover Messe.

Image Source – IFOY AWARD / André Baschlakow

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