IFOY Award 2020 Results

15th July 2020

On 13th July 2020, the winner of the IFOY AWARD (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) was announced. While the Hyster® J60XNL forklift (referred to as J3.0XNL in Europe) was not selected as this year’s winning forklift, it was well received.

The Hyster® J60XNL / J3.0XNL forklift with an integrated lithium-ion battery was nominated in the counterbalanced truck category and selected as a finalist. It was thoroughly tested in February 2020 as part of the IFOY “Test Camp” in Hannover, Germany, to help the judges make their final decision.

The Hyster® lift truck performed favourably in all areas according to IFOY. It received “extremely positive feedback…from the media and especially from the B2B guests from the Test Camp”. Although the truck did not win this year’s prize, we are very happy that this innovative truck was shortlisted as a finalist and for the judges to have recognised its benefits and advantages.

Heavy-duty solution

The Hyster® J60XN / J3.0XNL takes the efficient, fast charging and zero battery maintenance elements of lithium-ion power and brings it to a counterbalance lift truck, taking into consideration design, ergonomics, driving performance, and reduced total cost of ownership.

With opportunity fast charging and the ability to charge in just over one hour, the lithium-ion power is an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications.  The IFOY judges found the Hyster® J60XN / J3.0XNL to have good market relevance.  The integrated lithium-ion battery enables “advantageous truck design”, depending on the application.

Ergonomic design from the ground up

The Hyster® J60XN / J3.0XNL lithium-ion forklift is at the forefront of innovation and leading the way for a counterbalance lift truck engineered around a fully integrated, space-saving, lithium-ion battery. The strategic design helps free space in the operator compartment, maximising comfort and convenience to help propel productivity. All with the fast, opportunity charging benefits of lithium-ion power.

The IFOY judges that the integrated battery could provide advantages for the operator in terms of “ergonomics and driving performance”. The judges highlighted the considerable legroom and air-suspended comfort seat as reasons why longer driving times could be “completed with ease”. The ability to get on and off the truck quickly from both sides and the reduced centre of gravity position also “increases the dynamic stability and driving performance” which “can increase turnover rates”.

Faster, easy charging

Rather than a battery box replacement like other lithium-ion powered counterbalance trucks, the Hyster® J60XN / J3.0XNL integrated lithium forklift does not follow a typical box on wheels design. Instead it takes advantage of the form factor of lithium-ion batteries to offer several advantages in relation to the equivalent electric truck designed for lead-acid batteries.

The judges said that the “integration of lithium-ion batteries is a novelty for the counterbalance truck in this performance class”. They also felt that the battery management system was “state of the art”.

“Robust and Uncomplicated”

Following the innovation check, the judges described the Hyster® J60XNL lift truck as “robust and uncomplicated”. Their tests found the changes in driving behaviour to be “positively noticeable” and highlighted “pleasant space conditions” where “the driver can act flexibly” and that offer “further potential”.


Visit the IFOY website for the full results of this year’s award.

For further information on your lift truck power options, visit www.hyster.com or find your local Hyster® distribution partner.

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