Hyster trucks with Pyroban gascheka duo® system at the Rhine tour

30th August 2018

During the warehouse demonstrations at the Hyster® Rhine Tour, visitors saw a Hyster® H3.0 truck with the Pyroban® Gascheka duo® active detection system installed on it.


This system actively detects combustible gases in the atmosphere and if found shuts down the truck, eliminating most sources of ignition. The truck is fully immobilised and the operator must then report the incident to their Supervisor so that the ‘spill’ can be cleaned up appropriately. The Gascheka duo® system requires all enclosures to be purged and only then is the truck ready to be restarted with the supervisor key, ensuring incidents are reported and safely dealt with.



Pyroban® was also in the Supplier Area where the team was available to discuss such solutions with visitors.


For more information visit www.hyster.eu or talk to your local Hyster® distribution partner.

Pyroban® was a partner for the Hyster® Rhine Tour, which took place throughout June and July 2018.

Visit www.pyroban.com for more information.


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