Hyster Supports Zuidnatie’s Port Operations with Tough and Efficient Materials Handling Equipment

4th September 2018

In this case study, we look at the efficiencies and reduced fuel costs of Hyster® tough materials handling equipment in Zuidnatie’s port operations

Founded in 1870, Zuidnatie has expanded significantly over 142 years, now providing a full range of services including stevedoring, logistics, transport, warehousing, customs department and container department, across various industry sectors.

Following the successful introduction of two new Tier 4i/Stage IIIB compliant Hyster® empty container handlers at the Port of Antwerp, Zuidnatie made further investments in seven new low emission, high capacity Hyster forklift trucks.

The company required high capacity forklift trucks to support the port operation where steel and non-ferrous metals are received, stored, repacked and distributed through the road or rail networks and empty container handlers.

Hyster’s tough and efficient materials handling equipment enabled Zuidnatie to meet its operational requirements, enhance efficiency and reduce fuel costs, as well as comply with tough new emissions regulations. Hyster provided the equipment on a comprehensive service contract with its local distribution partner.

The deal secured a number of benefits for Zuidnatie:

  • Fuel bills have been significantly reduced with tools such as cooling on demand, RPM management and alternate engine idle speed
  • Optimum energy efficiency has been delivered, thanks to the ECO-eLo setting on the Hyster empty container handlers, which enable operators to fill the fuel tank as normal
  • Equipment operators have a comfortable working environment, with cabs that offer excellent comfort, outstanding ergonomics and a low noise level
  • The equipment offers excellent all-round visibility, particularly of the operating area, through the design of the cab, which is ideally positioned
  • Corporate branding standards have been adhered to, with Hyster spraying the empty container handlers in Zuidnatie’s corporate green.

A strong long-term relationship has developed between Zuidnatie, Hyster and its local distribution partner, thanks to the productive, tough trucks, supported by an excellent level of service.

Read on to find out more about the right materials handling solutions for metal loads by downloading our free eGuide Materials Handling Innovations that Shift the Gear in the Metals Industry: Tough Operations


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